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Finding Shade Under Sevilla’s Metropol Parasol

To view more photos of the Metropol Parsol, explore the Metropol Parasol location page and browse the #metropolparasol hashtag.

The Metropol Parasol provides a modern aesthetic against the medieval backdrop of Sevilla, Spain’s old quarter. Arguably the world’s largest wooden structure, it towers 28.5 meters (93.5 feet) over La Plaza de la Encarnación. Inside, one can visit a farmer’s market, archaeological museum, bars, restaurants and an elevated plaza providing beautiful panoramic views of the city. Most importantly, the stunning structure of interlaced panels (supported by concrete and steel) provides the people in the sweltering capitol of Andalucía with a precious resource: 5,000 square meters (53,819 square feet) of shade.

Completed in 2011, no two parts of the Metropol Parasol are the same. It stirs conversation among residents and tourists alike, and is described differently by nearly every person who sees it. Whether one compares German architect Jürgen Mayer-Hermann’s intricate design to waffles or mushrooms (one popular local nickname for the structure is Las Setas de la Encarnación or “The mushrooms of La Plaza de la Encarnción”) many appreciate the six connected parasols that replaced what was previously a car park.

Another fun fact? The structure in the center of hot and sticky Andalucía also claims an additional record—as the world’s largest structure held together by glue.

I have been there and it is as beautiful as it looks!

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    Finding Shade Under Sevilla’s Metropol Parasol
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